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Lamp 10 Features

Developed Exclusively for the Literary Agent

Client titles are the mainstay of Lamp 10. With Lamp 10 the agent can control and research all aspects of a client’s titles and activity.

Using powerful lookup listviews, the agent can quickly find information on a title. Simply type the first few letters of a client last name, click and a complete list of the client’s titles appear for selection.

Each title contains the following information in ONE multi-page data entry form;

– Title, description, category code, ISBN (10 or 13), publisher, royalty periods and due dates, current and acquiring editors, agent, co-agent, contract date, delivery date, publication date, reversion date, copyright registration# and date, publication deadline, termination clauses, rights grant, joint accounting id and underlying title id. The General screen has easy to use data lookups for category, publisher, current editor, acquiring editor, agent, co-agent, joint accounting id, underlying title. The agent can send e-mails to his client, the editor or co-agent right from the General screen.

Royalty Rates – royalty type (user-defined), royalty rate and edition price. Easy to use data lookups for the Royalty Type.

Client Accounts

Enter and edit transactions
enter transactions by selecting client and title from easy to use alphabetic lists. Classify receipts as Advances, Royalties or Other. 

2 Step Transactions
Enter transactions and delay posting as long as necessary. Very handy when transaction amounts are small and voluminous. Save them until receipts are large enough to disburse.

Foreign Transactions
Gives you the ability to enter transactions in just about any currency and convert them to US Dollars.

Non-1099 Transactions
A new receipt type allows you to enter Non-1099 transactions.

Client Expenses -  As you enter each transaction, Lamp 10 presents you a list of previously entered client expenses. No more missed expenses to deduct from client receipts ! Since each title has an agency commission rate, the first item deducted from the client receipt is the agency commission. 

Expense items from a foreign source (foreign taxes, foreign agents commission, etc.) are added back to the amount received for proper calculation of the U.S. agent’s commission. 

Printing checks is easy. Select each check or select all checks to print. Multiple checks can be combined into ONE check, Combined checks are backed up by a detailed remittance advice.

Year End Reporting

Substitute 1099 Summary Report – includes gross amounts received and summary of deductions by type and dollar amount and net amount remitted to the client for the calendar year.

Detail Year End Client Report – a detail report for every item in every transaction in title and transaction date order. Over the years this has been a very popular feature as the client forwards this report to their accountant for tax analysis. These two reports can be emailed to the client as PDF attachements saving printing, assembly and postage costs. Also, the 1099 information can be printed to an Excel file for forwarding to a 1099 EFile agency.




Sub-rights – Sub-Right (user-defined), Author %, Licensee, Advance/Fee. Easy to use sub-right lookup on this screen


Notes – reserve clauses, bonuses, options, special reminders and generous note field for all important information designated by the agent.


Advances – advance description, advance amount, date due, amount paid and  date paid.

Payees each title can have as many payees as the client designates. When monies are received, Lamp 10 looks at the payee data and distributes to each payee their designated share. No other Literary Agency software can do this. Easy to use payee lookup on this screen.

Title Ledger – in one place the agent can review all financial transactions for the client title including date, description, royalty earnings, advance charges and Total Client Earnings.

Royalty Statement – detail and summary information as reported in the publisher royaltystatement. Includes date, royalty type, description, period ending, amount and copies. It also provides a single shot summary by Royalty Type of earnings and copies sold. Easy to use Royalty Type lookup and to-the-point reports for royalty statement details and summary.









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