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Equitable Small Claims

Equitable Small
Claims (ESC) software manages and allows a high degree of control over the Small Claims process. It was co-developed by Lamp Software, Inc. and Michael Haberman Associates, Inc. of Mineola, New York.

With a few clicks of a mouse and a few seconds, the assessor can produce a reliable market analysis that can be used to review/defend assessments. 

ESC software can quickly identify comparable sale properties and applies accurate adjustments to determine a reliable market value for informal reviews or small claims proceedings.

ESC software creates a hearing/court ready document with all the appropriate information.  Built-in flexibility gives the assessor the ability to apply local knowledge providing greater accuracy to the valuation process.

The program uses your inventory and sales data to complete the valuation process. The valuations can be produced in either single parcel inclusive of sales map or multiple (mass) property modes.

From our experience in the small claims process, ESC was designed from the ground up to provide maximum flexibility for the user. The assessor has control over all critical settings in the software that produces the market analysis. Using his local knowledge, he can set and reset the critical program parameters until he reaches a point where the property analysis reflects an equitable value.

Program Features and Benefits - see bottom of page to download PDF file of Features & Benefits


User defined weightings for:
  Living Area
  Building Style Matrix
  Distance between Subject and Sale Comparables
  School District
  Same Street
  Property Class
  Property Age

User defined dollar adjustments based on six user-defined dollar ranges. The following adjustments can be calculated based on one of two available methods.

1.] Equalized value of a subject property or
2.] Average time adjusted sale price of comparables chosen.

  Land Area
  Living Area
  Bathrooms – Full and Half
  Central Air Conditioning

  Two manual adjustments available for each comparable sale

User defined Time Trending of comparables for changes in housing market conditions for quarterly periods from 3 years prior and 1 year past the municipality’s   valuation date.

User defined adjustments as a percentage of sale price for Location and Condition values ranging from Excellent to Poor. Or define your own!

User defined Upper and Lower Range of Comparable Sales to be selected based on the equalized value of the subject property.

Can be run in single, mass or court calendar property modes (ex.hearing case loading)


         Fast Market Value production
         Flexible analysis preparation
         Three modes of preparation
         Market Analysis History
         Ability to Reprint Market Analysis
         Run Multiple times
         Maps available
         Hearing ready output format
         Runs on Microsoft Windows operating systems
         Cost Effective 
         Reduce staff time

Main Menu

The easy to use main menu sets up the program parameters, provides meaningful maintenance routines and produces flexible methods of market analysis preparation.


Property Market Analysis Entry  
This single entry screen is used for actual market value analysis preparation for a single property.
The user can enter the subject property by the Legal Id or Street  Address.
From this screen, changes can be made to the Style Matrix, Weightings, Adjustments and Time Trend settings. The user can also Edit the subject property, edit a different subject, edit a Sale property or enter a New Sale property.

The method of selecting adjustment values for the Market Analysis is shown on the lower left of the screen. In this case, the equalized value of the subjct property is being used to calcualte dollar adjustments.
If the Internet is available at the work station, a Google map of the subject property can be viewed here.  ESC can also be used to prepare Market Analysis in Mass Mode or Scheduled Hearing Date Mode.

Market Valuation Results

When you click on the Run Market Analysis button on the above screen, the analysis is performed and presented below;

This is the Market Valuation results screen. ESC uses all the settings established in the Maintenance Menu, specifically the settings for weightings, style matrix, adjustments, time trending and sale selection range to produce this market analysis for the entered property.

On the lower portion of the screen is a grid showing sane street sales.

But this is not the end of the process. The user can enter manual adjustments, remove and replace selected sales, use only three or four sales and view and replace sales by proximity. The use of Proximity Sales (Orange button above), extends the already outstanding flexibility of the program. With this feature the user can select and replace any sale in the market analysis with any other sale available in the sales table.

If the Internet is available at the work station, each sale can be Googled possibly revealing additional adjustments. The Market Analysis can be printed to the screen, printer or file. When the Finished button is clicked a date and time stamp is saved in the data allowing the user to save multiple analysis for the same property.

Market Analysis Report

This is the market analysis report that can be used at small claims hearings or negotiations. Any changes made to the original market analysis through sales elimination, adjustments or proximity sales replacement are reflected in the report.

All of these features allows the user to apply local knowledge to the valuation process.

ESC is currently being used by ten local municipalities on Long Island to help defend their Small Claims and the list continues to grow.

There are many features in ESC that are not displayed here due to lack of space. Features needing additional explanation are also not displayed here.

The reason for that is we want to give the assessor as full of an explanation of the software as they need to understand the full range of value in ESC software.

We would be happy to arrange a demonstration of ESC and spend as much time as needed to let you fully appreciate the value of this unique program.


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