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Inspection Scheduling Program  (ISP)
The Inspection Scheduling Program (ISP) from Lamp Software, Inc. is used for scheduling and tracking of safety and other equipment that must be inspected and reported on, on a regular basis.  

With the enforcement of safety rules and regulations becoming ever so burdensome these days, it is important for business owners to protect their assets.  

Normal and required inspections of safety and other equipment at a business location are always under scrutiny of insurance companies and fire safety personnel of local governments.  

Our software is intended to help businesses track, perform and report regular inspections to their insurance companies, fire and safety vendors and local government officials. ISP tracks all equipment that must be inspected regularly.   

The Inspection Scheduling Program empowers the user to be proactive in the inspection and inspection reporting processes. 

Utilizing step by step processes, the program is easy to use and gets you up and running quickly.

The user first sets up;
    Equipment Types (fire extinguishers, emergency lights, etc.) 
    Inspection Frequencies (monthly, annual, etc.)
    Email Notifiers (who will be emailed Inspection Worksheets and Inspection Reports such as Inspectors, Insurance companies, etc.)
    Equipment Inventory

After that its just setup inspection schedules and enter inspection results. Of course, customization is always available !

Powerful relational database software drives this application. Please review the following slide shows to get a feel for ISP


*System Requirements: Microsoft™ Windows XP or Higher,1GB RAM, 2GB hard disk space, high resolution monitor(min.800x600).

Here are some of the ISP-Lamp© Features that will make your job easier:

* Unlimited Locations                                                                                  Email Notifications for Scheduled Inspections Report, Worksheet/Work Orders
* Unlimited Inspection Items                                                                     Email Reports History includes retained PDF copy of report and to whom emailed
* User Defined "Everything" including:                                                    Overdue Inspection Notification
            Inspection Schedules                                                                     Deficiency Reports
            Inspection Instructions                                                                  Available Spreadsheet data transfer
            Inspection Frequencies                                                                 Inspection Histories by Item, Location, Inspection Schedule
            Equipment Types                                                                            Preventive Maintenance Scheduling
            Report Notification Email Addresses                                          Extensive Reporting                                          
            Locations                                                                                          Coming Soon:IPAD availability
            Help screens

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